Today we put up the cutest little Christmas tree ever- a pink ultra girlie mini tree. I knew my girls would love it and it would be a fun activity for us to do one cold Minnesotan afternoon (it was free too so that was a major bonus). I surprised the girls with it after lunch time. I had picked up a few ornaments that speak to each persons interests or funny nuisances that particular year.

Our littlest was gifted the Ketchup ornament as it is used to get her to eat just about everything. Our oldest was gifted a pink poodle as she loves playing puppies with friends in Pre-school. My husband was gifted pizza as he is the king of homemade pizza in our home. I was gifted the gum ball machine because I love my girls and mine new found love of bubble blowing and that they think I am the coolest person for letting them pop my bubbles.

_MG_2133 _MG_2121 _MG_2120

We hung pink plastic bulbs on the tree and enjoyed every moment looking at the pretty treasures we hung. It is the little things that are lighting me up lately. I love that this tree didn’t need to be perfect. That my oldest has been hanging her school and church hand made ornaments on it throughout the week. That it has gaudy purple garland and that most of all my girls treasure it despite all of it’s flaws.

Very Merrily,

Ashleigh Harris

P.S. I’m still not sure if Christmas trees are “Christian” and if they are something we should be doing but at this point, this year, I see no harm in them and hope to draw a spiritual application out of them so we can talk more about why we decorate them for Christmas.