Today was a funny day where I laughed at myself and was happy to admit I am just learning how to do this Christian Christmas thing. Also kids for the most part are way more flexible then we give them credit for. I had planned on getting plush sheep dolls made but they were out of my budget and sewing just didm;t happen.

The story of the sheep is probably one of my favorite stories from the book  because it summarizes the salvation message and the purpose for why Jesus came to earth as a baby.

So here I was without any sheep so what did I do? I counted out 10  cotton balls and hid them throughout the house with veggie tale movies. I know this was a little much in the gift zone but I bought them earlier on in the year, on sale and to be honest I just really wanted them to have them. I love that they can slip something into the computer to watch a movie and know that 100 percent of what they are watching is 100 percent ok with me.

My girls loved the “sheep” the played and with them all day. It wasn’t until that night when I washed my face that my oldest giggled and said, “Mom I didn’t know you washed your face with sheep.”

We had a great day! I had worked all morning, daddy was home for the weekend and once we all settled in after grilled cheese and tomato soup we were all tired and ready to watch movies, snuggle up, and hold our babies.

Very Merrily,

Ashleigh Harris