Star in the East

Tonight my husband worked late and it was a pancake-dinner kind of night if you know what I mean. Breakfast for dinner is my go to on nights when I just want everyone to eat and I don’t have the patience to do a bite count down, “5 more bites, real bites, okay start over those were ant bites” haha we have strong willed girls and they should both go into law professionally.

After baths my oldest asked if I had hidden anyone for her to find yet and I told her that tonight there was a twist to the story and we would actually have to turn off all of the lights to find what we were looking for, she obliged me.  I hadn’t originally gotten a plush star or anything made for the “star in the east” so I had purchased giant glow sticks from Target, in the sale section of course, and simply cracked them and had them hiding in the office. The girls went looking for the bright star and were thrilled to find them. They did “fire” dances twirling with their glow sticks, shouting for daddy while he worked, and bragging about the new thing they had found and were learning about. We jumped up into bed and snuggled in for our story, Once Upon a Nativity. We read about the Star in the East above Bethlehem and talked about the ways God shows us His love through creation.

IMG_3731 IMG_3732

From rainbows teaching us about Gods peace, flowers His beauty, deep Sea creatures His uniqueness, and birds singing His kindness. We looked at stars and cosmos on google and the girls ooohh’d and aaaahhh’d over the images guessing what the star must have looked like when baby Jesus was born.

I am continually grateful for this book as I kiss my babies goodnight tonight. Christmas can be so intense. Busy. Work can be so hard. But this has felt so right, so easy and so good. I am looking forward to work slowing down before Christmas comes and goes but mostly I have been enjoying it all along.

Very Merrily,

Ashleigh Harris