Jesus’ Birthday Party

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Jesus Happy Birthday to you.

I had planned on doing a birthday party for Jesus on Christmas day but with our child going to Awana and a Christian pre-school both places had planned on having a party for Jesus and so I choose to help decorate and bake for those parties instead of planning something for us alone.

Little thoughts along the way:

Giving of your Talents: Decorating with crepe paper, little lanterns, & balloons was the most worship like act I had done all week. I loved that even through the ordinary I could worship God. I could use my love for party planning and use it for the good of others. I loved even more that those little kids would be so excited to walk in that room the next day and really feel like they had been invited to a birthday.

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Giving of your Money:  I decorated for the Awana party and baked for the school party and while I wanted to pay for both it really wasn’t in our budget. When the teacher offered to pay for the food I willingly accepted and when the Awana teacher offered to order cupcakes instead of me baking I agreed. I gave all I could but then humbled myself and admitted when I needed help.

Accepting help and making boundaries for yourself is the key to keeping your joy throughout the holiday season.

Very Merrily,

Ashleigh Harris