Tonight we learned about the busy Inn keeper and boy was it ever relevant to my life this week.  I hid the cute Inn Keeper with a play broom and dust pan. Our littlest loves helping me sweep so she was particularly thrilled with todays gift.

The emphasis on the story of the Inn Keeper is to not miss the chance of serving Jesus this Christmas season. For me personally the way I have been called to serve Jesus this Christmas season has been in the form of a young single mother with 3 babies under the age of 2.

She has come into my life with the need for love and support and the Holly Spirit has been knocking on my heart to help. My excuses pilled high for why I couldn’t be the right person to help her but through God’s prompting I knew the time was now even if it wasn’t much or if it wasn’t perfect.

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I invited her over for the day and just had her join in on our everyday life and guess what while she was blessed I was even more blessed. We went to our fitness center and we dropped our children off in the clean well equipped child care center while we did a light workout, hit the steam room, and showered. Looking at how much she appreciated this it made me more thankful for that fact that I had this sort of oasis to head to each day. I wanted to have her heart of gratitude even in little.  After that we headed home for lasagna and were greeted by a happy and loving daddy who tickled and wrestled all 5 of the children who greeted him with wide-open-pick-me-up arms. My heart was filled with joy knowing that my own husband was raised by a single mom and that he was getting to be a daddy role model for not only these babies but also this mom. My prayer was that her standards could be raised and that her desire for a Godly man would be met someday.

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While the next morning my house was laden with toys and blankets and things to pick up I knew that in my heart of hearts the time spent was much more valuable then a clean home. I was thankful to have seen Jesus and mostly get to serve someone He deeply loves.

Very Merrily,

Ashleigh Harris