15 Free Valentine Printables.

I’m excited to share with you these Valentines and hope that you enjoy them whether you are printing them for your child’s classroom, your nieces and nephews, or even your Valentine this year. My prayer is that together, through this blog, we would see transformation in holidays, even the non Christian ones, and spread the love of Jesus to our children and those we encounter.

I really encourage you to take the extra time to print off the Name Tag Valentine and add it to whichever Valentine you choose to make. I think the power of bible verses is understated and it can be a doorway to more meaningful conversations and relationships, so take the time and print it off.

For those of you just tuning in know that I am hoping to print my book, Once Upon a Nativity, for Christmas 2015! I would love for you to stay in touch through my Facebook page so you can get more creative ideas on celebrating the Holidays and then also be apart of my book launch!

15 Free Valentine Printables

Name Tag Valentine

Christian Valentines


This could be added onto a bag of treats like candy hearts, Annies gummies, or just about anything your heart desires.

#1 Race Car Valentine

_MG_5095 _MG_5092

heart race valentine


For the card I used black construction paper and cut it into a 5×7 size, I snipped little yellow rectangles and had my 4 year old paste, I slipped it all into a bag and attached the cute Printable on the outside. This card made me realize how much I hate staring at my handwriting and how free printables were where it’s at.

_MG_5017 _MG_5018 _MG_5021 _MG_5023

#2 Gold Fish Valentine

_MG_5037 _MG_5035 _MG_5041

fish valentine

Heck to the yes! Get yourself some real fish they are 15 cents and by far the cheapest and most over the top Valentine. Of course the cracker version is great too but honestly a pet fish couldn’t be cuter.

#3 Mega Phone Valentine

mega phone valentines


From Target’s dollar section and in both girlie and boyish colors! Easy and something that may last a little longer when giving.

#4 Silly Putty Valentine


silly putty

My kids were crazy about this! I found this in the dollar section as well and thought it was something unique and fun- I was right my girls have been playing with it on Newsprint all day.

#5 Muscle Man Valentine

Muscle Man valentine


Oh my word!!! This kills me being a big fan of exercise and weight lifting. This will for sure be mailed out to a lot of my adult friends. In retrospect dum-dum suckers would have been a lot better to use.

#6 Blooming Flower Valentine

flower valentine



You could technically do this craft or just attach these onto a chocolate rose or a real flower. My daughter loves to garden so these are what we are planning on giving to her classroom. We used organic dye free jelly beans from the bulk section of our Co-op it was a big bag for pretty cheap, got the pots for 25 cents at JoAnns, then used recycled wrinkly tissue paper from birthdays past and green pipe cleaners.

_MG_5111 _MG_5113 _MG_5119 _MG_5120 _MG_5121 _MG_5122 _MG_5123 _MG_5124 _MG_5125

#7 Kazoo Valentine


Kazoo valentine

Embarrassing confession I had no clue how to use this thing. Fact is you do not blow you kind of humm sing into it. Yeah I know I’m not even close to blonde I’m just that special. These came in a big party bag from Target’s goodie bag party section.

#8 Marble Maze


You amaze me Valentine form

These are super easy. Take some washi tape, slap on the cute label, and call yourself a super mom while treating yourself to a carmel cooler from the ‘Bou.

#9 Punching Balloon Valentine

_MG_5075 _MG_5072


They were kind of lame not blown up so I’m glad my littles insisted I blow up the LELLLOW one. You can just hole punch the cute card and loop it through the rubber string on the end.

#10 Slinky Valentine


slinky valentine

Cute, fun, and easy. I just hole punched the card and slipped it onto the mini slinky that I got from Target’s doll section.

#11 Color Crayon Valentine

_MG_5105 _MG_5109

color crayons

Embrace the inner artist! You could do a little note pad of paper with crayons from a  jumbo box or even a mini canvas and some watercolors. Basically any art supplies would be cute.

#12 Shoe Lace Valentine

_MG_5101 _MG_5104

sneaker sneaker valentine

So I printed the sneaker and pasted it onto a folded piece of paper, printed off the label and pasted it to the inside. I then put the shoe laces into a little velum bag and wash taped it. I think you could also lace the shoe but I just didn’t have the time.

#13 Airplane Valentine



Gosh darn it! I wanted to find a balsam wood plane because they come in those little sleeves and it would be easy to attach this tag to it but I couldn’t find them. This one could be really cute for a bigger Valentine gift if you gave a big glider plane or little toy planes to your child.

#14 Lego Valentine



I bought a package with a mixed amount of pieces so it wasn’t a set and just added pieces into a little bag. This one  could be more expensive so I don’t know how practical it is for a classroom. Not sure if you could order just Lego guys and or use this one for a bigger Valentine gift but I like the saying so I went for it.

#15 Sticker Valentine

_MG_5079 _MG_5080

glue stick

I love this one but I love stickers!!!!! Lets just say all I really want for my birthday is stickers, glitter, lipgloss, and a Lisa Frank Folder. Don’t judge this is a Christian site. You could use this for gum, stickers, a glue stick, or anything sticky like a sticky slinger hand thing.

Leave a comment, pin, share, and tell me how it goes! I will be doing a giveaway on my Facebook page with a set of these ready to go for one lucky winner!

Very Merrily,

Ashleigh Harris

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