I was blessed to be raised with parents who made Valentine’s Day super special. They filled our rooms with gifts in the morning and made it so special.  My mom loved an excuse to make a holiday magical and she shaped so much of what I value today when it comes to celebrating the day of love.

From lipstick kisses on the mirror, to a card saying how proud they were of each one of us, to stuffed animals, chocolates, or flowers we were taught that love is never earned and that being their child was reason enough for this outward expression of love.

As the teen years came I never minded that I didn’t have a “Valentine” to call mine as I was so involved in sports and school that I much preferred guys as my friends then “boyfriends. Of course from time to time logic would slip me and I would wonder if I was ever going to meet the “right guy.” Looking back on it I remember playing those terrible mind games you know the ones where you throw ruthless statements at yourself,  “I must not be good- pretty- smart- whatever-enough” but all in all those lies are clearly from Satan so I knew better then to believe those. Thick throughout Scripture you can see who you are in God’s own eyes here’s a link to just  a few. 

For goodness sakes read Song of Solomon He has that book in the Bible not to just talk about sex but to talk about His intimate love for you and His desire for you to return that sort of passion spiritually. That’s right people God loves you like a lover loves their mate. Who needs 50 shades of gray when you have the real deal without all of the heart ache and lust?!?!

When I did finally meet Mr. Right, I absolutely loved spoiling him with gifts and sweet cards. Since purity was held to such a high standard for the both of us and expressing love was shown in a “sex-free” kind of way I had to get creative. We dated for just about 4 years and I can say the struggle was real. Whenever we wanted to do things that were better suited for marriage we would write those things down on a piece of paper and throw them into a box that we would open up on our wedding and use for when we got married!

However for those of you waiting I applaud you- it can be so very hard- sometimes your mate can be out of sight or they can be days away from being your spouse. So I want to encourage you and give you some ideas because the wait is completely and entirely worth it!  I’d brag to say we have one of the best sex lives ever but ya know lets not get too TMI here. Anyways fire up that intimacy, pursue the one you love, love where you are at right now, and enjoy your Valentine’s Day no matter what. You are dearly loved by a God who desires to romance you daily.

5 DIY Virgin Valentines

  • Every day leading up until Valentine’s Day write down the things you love most about your significant other or friends! Send them notes in fun creative places from the car, the shower, or sock drawer.

  • Fill their room, car, or dorm with balloons. Place treats, a date idea, sweet notes, and gifts inside. If your significant other or friends love a challenge set a minute timer and have them pop as many balloons as possible to get the treats, sweet notes, or gifts inside.

virgin valentines

  • Make a “Love shack” with a tent or old school blankets and furniture to make the ultimate fort. Decorate with christmas lights, pillows, and fun heart decorations. Order in pizza, get your favorites treat,  and get a bunch of movies to watch.

love shack

  • Do dinner and not a movie. Trying something new sign yourself up for a dance, workout, or cooking classes.  This video makes me want to do this crazy workout class!!


  • Hang out with friends and do a game night. Have a good time bowling, ice skating, or planning a 5 course Valentine’s dinner at home.

5 DIY Virgin Valentines


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