Today was another busy day and I was thankful for our “Once Upon a Nativity” activities blending seamlessly into our day. Today we learned about Mary and Elisabeth and how Mary went to visit her dear Aunt who was expecting baby John.

The emphasis on todays lesson is the joy in Christian fellowship and having community with fellow believers.

My plan was to have a playdate at our home but with a funeral, a big 30th birthday party, and ten out of town family members staying over at our small apartment the weekend left me gasping for air. This week has been tiresome and I feel like I haven’t caught up however it has been nice knowing that each day we are very intentionally talking about Jesus.

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Today my oldest child was invited to come home with a close friend after school today and so while we didn’t host it was fun to be able to use that as a reference when talking about the friendship between Mary and Elisabeth. Today I hid the doll with a gift. I simply placed them in a new princess sleeping bag and had bowls of popcorn out as if they were having a slumber party. My little girl was so excited and slept in the sleeping bag immediately that evening and night.

Very Merrily,

Ashleigh Harris