10 Gifts ideas under $10

1. Squeaky Clean.

What is cuter then a rubber ducky and amazing bar soap? Nothing. I personally love Singing in the Shower’s handmade soap for $5 and just about any duck that squeaks.

2. Note cards and a custom address stamp.

Whether you get crafty and cut your own cardstock to fill pretty envelopes or you buy a pre-made set of blank notecards this little set is sure to please. When it comes to the custom address stamp feel free to customize the template I made with the address of your choosing or spend a little more on a pre-made template here.

3. Warm and fuzzy Monster.

Text-aholics, instagram junkies, and smart phone users alike know that it is near impossible to stay warm and use your devices while your hands are snug inside your gloves, however getting a little crafty can pay off when making these cute and playful mittens.

4. Fa La La La

Easy Peasy get an iTunes card for $5 dollars but make it a million times more fun by wrapping it along with a megaphone from the dollar store and a rockstar energy drink.

5. Serving Platter.

Make your friends feel festive by gifting them a custom serving platter. Head to your local goodwill and find a tray whether wooden, metal, or something that strikes you as perfect for cookies and milk to be served on or lemonade and sandwiches. Follow these DIY steps to make this charming platter.

6. Piggy Bank filled with spare change

7. Popcorn & Movie

8. Planted Pots

9. Tile Coasters

10. Time

ice skating, sledding, picnic of hot cocoa marshmallows, thermos, and quality time. Nothing beats time spent with the ones you love. From a nature walk to