Today starts day 1 of our family reading and participating with the book, “Once Upon a Nativity.” I’m super excited and am happy to have been prepping throughout November to ensure I can have this be a fun and stress free. Since Mary’s key lesson is about obedience I thought we would make a DIY obediance chart that is cute and interactive for my 4 year old.¬†Join with us in making this cute little project.

What you need:

cookie sheet that is metal

spray paint or chalk paint

blank magnets

heavy duty glue

buttons, charms, puff balls, gems, odds and ends


paint, permanent, or chalk marker

Ribbon or heavy duty magnet strip

IMG_1562 IMG_1558 IMG_1565 IMG_1566 IMG_1567 IMG_1571 IMG_1576 IMG_1575 IMG_1577


Spray paint or chalk board paint your cookie sheet. I found mine at the second hand store for $1 dollar and used chalk paint to cover the cookie sheet.

With a ruler & your marker draw lines and write the chores for your child to complete each day or each week. Depending on your child’s age they may be able to work for an entire week to see their achievements or just a single day. In our case we work day to day so I listed chores that I would like my daughters to help with each day.

Glue two ribbons on the top back side of your cookie sheet to then tie into a bow and hang from your child’s room or if hanging it up doesn’t work for your home then I think the fridge is a great place for this to hang as well. To do that simply attach magnetic strip to the back of your chart and viola it’s ready.

I prepped all of this beforehand so we could just make the magnets together on Dec 1st. and do the obedience chart together with our plush Mary doll that day.

Line up your magnets and help your child glue their little treasures to the non magnetic part of them. These will be a fun way for them to mark off their chart when different tasks have been completed.

Some ideas to decorate these with are buttons, army men, odd small toys, puff balls, dice, gems, or fabric. If you make one of these chore charts I would love to see it so post your magnets and chart in the comments!

Very merrily,