Gifts for new moms

I was blessed today to buy a dear women a gift celebrating her new role as mama. Joyously adopting a family of three small children and becoming the woman they will come to call mama I new I was looking for a special gift.

I thought about getting clothes, toys, diapers, but then as I thought more I figured she may want something uplifting for her. I remember the sleepless nights, the questions, and I imagine hers are greater having baby twins and a 3 year old all over night.

So I visited this adorable new boutique in Woodbury called Patina and found everything I could imagine. It’s filled with unique furniture, cute little books, toys, treats, and just everything unique and perfect for holiday shopping especially for hard family or friends.

1. This hilarious doll- excuse my french- but I think she’ll laugh at this one and be reminded mistakes and frustration are bound to happen. There are no super moms.

2. These classic treats but in XL. I’m going to write something like, “Pop one in and feel like a smartie!” Praying she’ll learn to trust herself and know that love will carry her through this transitional time. I think these treats with a card could be a cute gift for just about anyone needing encouragement.

3. Then this book. I loved that it didn’t push the words mom or dad which can be tender with adoption and I also love that it showed different families throughout the pages not just cheeky traditional white parents with white kids. No offense to my beautiful blonde haired families I love you too.


So there it is. Happy to have done what I could this week. Wished I could send her a full pottery barn nursery with diapers for years but sometimes just doing what we can is enough and my prayer is that she’ll feel loved.

On the topic of gifts anything adorable you’ve bought or made lately that is small and adorable?

Very merrily,