Here is an email that I recently sent and thought I would share to encourage you that when you ask God to help you serve others and you desire to be His hands and feet He will answer.

I just wanted to thank you for “tipping” me at the photo-shoot. Recently Will and I have been finding ourselves in circumstances where we really want to give but don’t necessarily have the funds. We usually give anyways and just say we will do better next month. Anyways we had recently wanted to buy gifts for this family back in Will’s hometown who really have nothing and have a really bad home situation. Anyways long story short your $100 will be going towards Christmas gifts for this family with two little girls. I had been praying that God would provide a way for me to hep out these families that come into our lives. I just about took the money straight from your hand in excitement like oh my word this will be the perfect amount to buy them gifts and send it all in time for Christmas. I hope I didn’t come across rude because I would never expect you to pay me like that but I did want to thank you. Your generosity is contagious.

Very Merrily,

Ashleigh Harris