Score snow saucers for $3 each! I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled in the Target clearance and in general trying to think of crafts and gifts and activities that will work with each character we will be meeting while reading, “Once Upon a Nativity.”

I know that each year it will get easier since these activities will become a tradition of sorts and the girls may even have ideas of their own as they get older.

Anyways I don’t know why I hadn’t thought about it before but I stopped at Savers a local 2nd hand store and picked up a few items that will make for fun crafts and activities. It was a good reminder that these projects don’t need to be expensive and that they shouldn’t take away from the focus of what Christmas is all about, which is God sending His son Jesus to earth. These activities and crafts should be teaching tools to help your child better grasp the meaning of Christmas and the lessons you can learn from each character.

So here are my steals!

  • Snow saucers $3 each- I think I will use these on a day where I am too tired to do a craft and want to have them wrapped and ready for the girls to play with for a day of sledding.
  • Golden Trunk $12- I thought that this would be an awesome decoration for our Christmas decor in general but then I thought it would be a pretty cool way to have something delivered. Like the December 1st the book arrives in this crazy trunk addressed to the girls.. talk about bring the magic back to the most magical time of the year.
  • Glass jar $1- This will be used for our prayer jar I plan on making when we read about Elisabeth.

Did you find any good bargains as you prep for Christmas shopping and activities? Any good ideas on how to prep crafts and save money?

Very merrily,