Like many of the other days this lesson seemed to fit seamlessly into out Christmas plans- we had out of town guests coming from far away and the wise men were coming from afar too!

I worked all day today doing photo-shoots so in the morning as our oldest headed to church choir practice and I gifted her a cute new kitty headband and told her a little clue about the people visiting today- they came bringing gifts!

She couldn’t guess who was coming today but it was fun to see her excited about it. Once I got home from a long day of work I then hid the wise men and their gifts throughout the house with chocolates. It was a fun sort of scavenger hunt and once she had collected everything we read about them in the story Once Upon a Nativity.

To be honest I was not prepared today the way I would have liked to be but in the end it all worked out. We talked about earthly wisdom and heavenly wisdom as at first she did not know what the word wisdom meant.  I explained to her that wisdom was knowing the right thing to do and then doing it. I thought it would have been cool to have had a worksheet made with options that are wise and not wise. Like eating your fruits and vegetables and then having a treat vs just eating candy. Looking both ways when you cross the road vs. running in the road. I think she may have grasped the idea a little bit better. But I hadn’t thought of that so instead I gave her a devotional book that is 365 devotions and I actually picked it up from the Goodwill for a $1. I like the idea of her wanting to be wise and knowing that when she reads the bible she will grow in wisdom.

Very Merrily,

Ashleigh Harris