Christmas Day has arrived and baby Jesus has come! The girls were thrilled, like literally so excited, to find baby Jesus this morning.

I loved that they were most excited about finding baby Jesus versus opening up Christmas gifts. It made my mommy heart swell knowing that they were getting what Christmas was all about.

I hid him in our basket of throw blankets and gave no clues as to wear he was hiding. I wanted to give myself some time to make coffee and I knew they could figure it out “LOL” so they hunted for a good 10 minutes. ¬†Once the girls found the baby Jesus doll we read the final story in, “Once Upon a Nativity” and it felt so good starting our morning out with the right focus. We prayed and thanked God for sending his son Jesus and then we opened our gifts. Our girls were thankful and excited and I can honestly say I was so proud of what we had done over the past month.

Growing up we used to read the entire nativity passage in Luke before we opened up our Christmas gifts and I can honestly say at a pretty young age I was like “oh my word-gauge my eyes out-lets get these gifts opened”

Terrible I know, but it was so boring and it felt like such a chore. I worried our morning may feel like this but it totally wasn’t. I felt like since we had been learning about the Nativity story all month long the girls were anxious to finally meet baby Jesus and we definitely had found this perfect rhythm where they actually understood that Christmas was a celebration for Jesus and so of course we would naturally talk about Him that day.

Very Merrily,

Ashleigh Harris